Month: March 2017

Travel site ABTA; victim to cyber attack

(pc-Google Images) UK’s largest travel association, ABTA, fell victim to a cyber-attack on 27th February 2017. The incident may have affected 43,000 people, according to ABTA officials who are reaching out to those affected and have also set up a dedicated helpline for the same. The Information Commissioner’s Office and the Police have been alerted about the incident and are looking into the matter. The ICO is one of the main body responsible for helping the public manage their personal data. In a statement to the press, Mark Tanzer, ABTA Chief Executive, voiced his concerns about the incident and...

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Robot Arm From Recyclables

A robot assistant would make the lives of many much easier. Luckily, it’s possible to make one of your own with few fancy materials. The [] team demonstrates this by building a robot arm out of recyclables! With the exception of the electronics — an Arduino, a trio of servo motors, and a joystick — the arm is made almost completely out of salvaged recyclables: scrap wood, a plastic bottle, bits of plastic string and a spring. Oh, and — demonstrating yet another use for those multi-talented tubers — a potato acts as a counterweight. Instead of using screws...

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Oh My God Particle

This article is about the cosmic ray. For particle also known as God particle, see Higgs boson. The Oh-My-God particle was an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray detected on the evening of 15 October 1991 over Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, by the University of Utah‘s Fly’s Eye Cosmic Ray Detector.[1][2] Its observation was a shock to astrophysicists (hence the name), who estimated its energy to be approximately 7020300000000000000♠3×1020 eV or 7001480652946100000♠3×108 TeV. This is 20,000,000 times more energetic than the highest energy measured in electromagnetic radiation emitted by an extragalactic object[3] and 7020100000000000000♠1020 (100 quintillion) times the energy of visible light. Therefore, the...

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