Month: January 2017


(pc-Google Images) Manager of Russia’s biggest cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky; in charge of investigating hacking attacks has been arrested, the company has said. Kaspersky Labs on Wednesday confirmed reports in Russia’s respected Kommersant newspaper that Ruslan Stoyanov, head of its computer incidents investigations unit, was arrested in December. Kommersant said Stoyanov was detained along with a senior Russian FSB intelligence officer under the charges of treason. Kaspersky’s spokeswoman, Maria Shirokova, released a statement that Stoyanov’s arrest ” has no association with Kaspersky Labs and its operations”. She said the company has no information of the charges Stoyanov faced, but added...

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John von Neumann

John von Neumann John von Neumann in the 1940s Born Neumann János Lajos(1903-12-28)December 28, 1903Budapest, Austria-Hungary Died February 8, 1957(1957-02-08) (aged 53)Washington, D.C., U.S. Citizenship Hungary, United States Fields Mathematics, physics, statistics, economics, computer science Institutions University of BerlinPrinceton UniversityInstitute for Advanced StudyLos Alamos Laboratory Alma mater University of Pázmány PéterETH Zürich Thesis Az általános halmazelmélet axiomatikus felépítése (1925) Doctoral advisor Lipót Fejér Other academic advisors László Rátz Doctoral students Donald B. GilliesIsrael Halperin Other notable students Paul HalmosClifford Hugh DowkerBenoit Mandelbrot[1] Known for Notable awards Bôcher Memorial Prize (1938)Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award (1946)Medal for Merit (1946)Medal of Freedom (1956)Enrico Fermi Award (1956)...

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Bolton: Hacking False Flag By Obama Administration

Democratic Congressman: Electors Should Consider ‘Foreign Interference’ Reports Before Casting Votes ecalling what FBI director James Comey said regarding Hillary Clinton’s “home-brewed server,” Bolton noted that while the bureau found no direct evidence of that foreign intelligence services had breached the system, he hadn’t expected them to. Bolton said this means that a “really sophisticated foreign intelligence service would not leave any cyber fingerprints, and yet people say they did leave fingerprints in the hacks regarding our election.” “So the question has to be asked: Why did the Russians run their smart intelligence service against Hillary’s server, but their...

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