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AWS H3 Is the Future of Hotels (Parody)

31 Oct 2016 N.B. This is a parody. If it comes off too snarky, well I really do like AWS. 😉 AWS just announced Amazon H3 (the Highly Hospitable Hotel), available now in us-east-1 and coming years later to the region you actually use. They’re leveraging all the infrastructure they have built for their data […]

Hacker News March 3th Edition

Top Stories Running SCAreDA, VIPRE AV Poisonous, Comodo Still Open, Hacked-In Networks’ InfoSpherix Opener News SeQueL to 13 Years of SQL Leaks, Congress Comes a Callin’, No Gitmo for MitMo, the WiFi Transmits for Free CORRECTION: it’s ne0h, not neo4data; sorry to both. T00l T1m3 upates: QuickRecon new: WebScarab NG, Hatkit Proxy, yInjector, Data Block […]

Hospital Data In US Prone To Dark Web Attacks

(pc-Google Images) It is now becoming easier for cyber criminals to steal hospital data and records or hold patient data for ransom. Cybercriminals are sneaking into more and more health insurance databases and hospital networks in recent years, stealing the personal health records of tens of millions of Americans. Per industry experts, the reason behind […]

The Irrational Downfall of Park Geun-Hye

President Park Geun-hye issues a public apology on October 25, 2016.(source) President Park Geun-hye is deep trouble. The stories have been out for a few days now, and even the English-language papers have caught on. Park’s confidant has been running a massive slush fund, as she extorted more than $70 million from Korea’s largest corporations. […]

I 5 Hacker più pericolosi di sempre

⇃⇩LEGGIMI⇩⇂Lascia un like, un commento e iscriviti!⇃⇩LEGGIMI ⇩⇂ GRAZIE PER IL SUPPORTO! ——————————————– Pagina Ufficiale: https://www.facebook.com/MrAmonOfficial ——————————————– I 5 HACKER PIÚ PERICOLOSI DI SEMPRE ——————————————– i 5 migliori hacker di sempre: Qualunque sia la motivazione, gli hacker sono in grado di essere incredibilmente pericolosi. Possono rubare dati preziosi, causare milioni di dollari di danni o […]

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