We live in a time where women receive less than 2.19% of all venture capital funding. But within this tiny percentage, there lives a group of startup founders who are poised to generate outsized returns for their investors.

In 2017, we saw a growing number of women-led companies achieve significant traction with customers and raise millions of investment dollars to expand their businesses. Startups like Accompany, Glossier, Shippo, and Lumi, among others, are killing it.

And most notable of them all: Stitch Fix.

Rent the Runway’s co-founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman

Founder and CEO Katrina Lake is the first woman to take a tech company public this year. In an industry dominated by male CEOs and investors, the effect this milestone has goes far beyond the company itself, the funding it received, or how much revenue it generated in 2017 (~ $1 billion).

Glossier CEO Emily Weiss

“I want her to have a huge positive outcome because it does something really important for female entrepreneurs and, specifically, founder-CEOs.” — Jennifer Hyman

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