Dropbox Urges Users To Change Old Passwords

(pc-Google Images) Dropbox has asked its users to change their passwords, if they haven’t done so since the online service’s launch in 2007. This comes as a ‘precautionary measure’ after a spate of hack attacks on an old set of Dropbox credentials in 2012. In July 2012, Dropbox said its investigation found that usernames and […]

Low Noise Floor Microphone

[Matt] likes to make videos (and he’s pretty good at it judging by the quality of his videos). But video isn’t much without audio. Handheld recorders with small built-in microphones have a fairly high noise floor so [Matt] has a Rode NT1-A — a pricey but very quiet microphone. However, for field work, it isn’t […]

STUPID HACKING WIDOWMAKER – Overwatch Gameplay Highlights!

*DISCLAIMER:* I know they weren’t hacking but they’re a better player than me therefore it’s bullshit and they’re hacking. :’) I’m jk. Shouts outs to my ‘Blizzard Support rep’ – https://www.twitch.tv/anthony_kongphan Go give him a follow for being a sport lmfao. SUBSCRIBE ;D – http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=omgitsfirefox —————————————-­—— ♥ Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/foxxvlogs ♥ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/omgitsfirefoxx ♥ Twitch: […]

Why China won’t own next-generation manufacturing

Chinese workers check carbon fiber silk thread at a carbon fiber factory in Lianyungang, China, on Aug. 1. (AFP/Getty Images) After three decades of dramatic growth, China’s manufacturing engine has largely stalled. With rising salaries, labor unrest, environmental devastation and intellectual property theft, China is no longer an attractive place for Western companies to move […]

Hacker News – Intro

LESEN! Hacker News — Intro Ich habe das Intro zu den Hacker News hochgeladen, da es sehr gut angekommen ist. Es wird nicht zur Regel werden, dass hier Videos mit wenigen Sekunden kommen. Also, lasst einfach eine gute Bewertung da, wenn ihr das Ganze gut fandet, dann habe ich mal ein kleines Feedback für meine […]

Hackers Steal 12 Million Baht From Thai Bank ATMs

(pc-google images) In another row of hack attacks, hackers have managed to steal 12.29 million Baht ($350,000) from the Government Savings Banks of Thailand. The bank shut down 3,000 ATMs after 21 machines were hacked. The hacking spree was conducted from August 1st onwards. According to the Bangkok Post, GSB found that over 20 of […]

GETTING CALLED A HACKER!! | SkyWars Funny Moments

I GET CALLED A HACKER IN THIS EPISODE OF SKYWARS! ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video – http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ❱ PREVIOUS VIDEO – https://youtu.be/PsJY0hJRW8E ❱ Second Channel – https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/LachlanPower —– Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia – https://www.youtube.com/user/monsterc… Incompetech – http://www.incompetech.com/ source

A Refrigerator Cooled by Rubber Bands

Ever noticed that a rubber band gets warmer when it’s stretched? The bands also get cooler when allowed to snap back to relaxed length? [Ben Krasnow] noticed, and he built a rubber band cooled refrigerator to demonstrate the concept. The idea of stretching a rubber band to make it hotter, then releasing it to make it cooler seems […]

Career Chat – Ethical Hacker

Confused about your career? gyaniguy has friendly advice from young people who are having fun doing unique stuff. Lloyd Rodrigues talks at length about the exciting world of hackers and hacking. Take his advice to become a professional ethical hacker. source

Privilege Escalation on Linux with Live Examples

One of the most important phase during penetration testing or vulnerability assessment is Privilege Escalation. During that step, hackers and security researchers attempt to find out a way (exploit, bug, misconfiguration) to escalate between the system accounts. Of course, vertical privilege escalation is the ultimate goal. For many security researchers, this is a fascinating phase. […]

France and Germany lobby to break WhatsApp encyption

European lawmakers have set their sights on a new target in the battle against terrorism: encryption. France and Germany are going to put pressure over the European Union to let them break one of the most central technologies of the internet by forcing the technology companies to limit encryption used to keep messages private. Interior minister […]


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